Kilo Sales: Tips and Tricks To Beat The Sale


First there were market stalls, then there was eBay and Depop, now comes the next wave of second-hand bargain hunting, headed by the ever popular kilo sale.


The concept is simple. Fill a bag full of second-hand pieces and just pay for what it weighs. Pretty easy huh?


Gone are the days where your dad’s shirt from the 1980s was nothing more than a topic starter at family gatherings. Kilo sales bring about a new way of finding forgotten gems and a platform to stand out from the crowd, within an easy to understand format and all at a low price.


Kilo sales tend to stock a wide range of items. Be it a graphic tee, pair of jeans or one-off jacket. You can usually pick up a new outfit for the snippet of what it would be from a high street store, and is there anything more satisfying than a bargain shopping haul?


If you can’t be bothered searching through endless listings online, are at home with finding your own style, and love finding a bargain, then a kilo sale could be the shopping haven secret you’ve been missing out on.


To keep ahead of the crowd, follow these tips below to make your next (or first) kilo sale visit a successful one.




1. Take a tape measure. With the varying sizing of second-hand fashion, always take a tape measure to ensure you get the perfect fit.


2. Expect the unexpected. Most kilo sales are adorned with one-off pieces that you’ll never see again. Snap them up before someone else does!


3. Be prepared… to rummage. Kilo sales aren’t usually set up in the same way a charity or high street shop is. So be prepared to do some sifting through to find that gem!


4. Know your clothing weights. You can usually snap up three or four t-shirts for 1kg! A lightweight jacket for under 1kg. And a pair of nice trainers for around 1kg!


5. Wear Lightweight Clothes! There aren’t usually fitting rooms on site so if you did need to try on a jacket or overshirt, it’s always best to travel light.


6. Be kind. Kilo sales can get quite busy at times, so remember to stay kind and be respectful of fellow shoppers!

White Rose hold a regular kilo sale. All details can be found at the following link.

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