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White Rose Trading is the trading subsidiary of White Rose Charity, its parent organisation registered in the United Kingdom (1167035). White Rose Charity supports Aegis Trust, a Charity registered in the United Kingdom (1082856).


White Rose Global Headquarters
34 - 36 Goosegate, Nottingham, United Kingdom, NG1 1FF

Tel 01159 472 472



Green Fashion

Why it matters & how we help

Clothing waste is the biggest growing pollutant on the planet.

3 of every 5 new garments purchased end up in landfill.

Inks and microfibres leech into the water system, harming humans and animals … and it takes 5,000 litres of water – a finite life giving resource - to make just one pair of jeans!


We place clothing banks in public spaces, apartment blocks, offices and retail parks, so everyone has an easy way to recycle their unwanted clothing and do their bit for the planet.

Helping Save Our Planet

Green fashion … White Rose


Green Fashion means donating unwanted clothing and buying recycled clothing instead of buying new (it won’t save the planet on its own – but it helps!).


At White Rose, we collect donated clothing in our clothing banks located around the country. Then we sell the recycled clothing in our ‘White Rose’ Handpicked Recycled Fashion stores and online. About 60% of all the clothing we collect can be immediately resold. The remaining 40% is either upcycled, transformed into something new or recycled, ensuring that at every step of the process as little as possible ends up wasted.


The profits we generate from selling the clothing, support the Aegis Trust’s essential education programs in places at risk of violence - saving lives and building peace.