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White Rose Trading is the trading subsidiary of White Rose Charity, its parent organisation registered in the United Kingdom (1167035). White Rose Charity supports Aegis Trust, a Charity registered in the United Kingdom (1082856).


White Rose Global Headquarters
34 - 36 Goosegate, Nottingham, United Kingdom, NG1 1FF

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Clearly, the last three years have raised the awareness of fire safety to an even higher level than before. Rest assured that our banks have virtually no exposure to the building in relation to internal fires. Our banks are far safer than any current bin you will have in the store area:


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Our banks are:

Made from 10mm welded steel

  • Are designed to limit air intake and as such extinguish internal fires
    The bank is designed to contain any fire and stop its spread.

  • The access to the bank is through a trap door designed to limit the ability to access the contents.

  • No one can access the bin except our team.

  • In over 200 sites we have not experienced a fire issue to date.

  • Your fire auditor will have no issue with our banks.

  • The banks now have “smart” technology which advises us before the bank is full so you will never have an overflowing bank. 

"With such an important issue we have applied thought processes with our contractors and designed a bank fit for any storage area and with maximum security built-in from day one."


We also complete a survey of the site to ensure ease of access and ensure the bank is placed in the optimum position for safety. We do this with the site manager, building manager or appointed representative. 

Our banks are clever

We don't just use any old bank, we deploy "Smart banks". A smart bank has technology built in. It talks to us and lets us know how full it is. We often get periods of time when the banks are used more such as after Christmas. Other organisations don't know their banks are full, if you stick to a simple collection rota you could have an overflowing bank. Not with White Rose, we know the bank is getting full and send a drive before it becomes a problem. 

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