Plastic pollution: Our commitment to sustainable packaging

Here at White Rose Recycled Fashion, we are beginning a journey of discovery with the implementation of a packaging strategy that helps reduce impact on our rapidly changing and deteriorating environment. 

Regrettably, the packaging industry has become saturated with meaningless jargon, false claims, misconceptions and broken recycling schemes. We want to be as transparent as possible; despite many brands being sustainable in name only, we want to follow up our claims with a robust circular system.

The Grounded packaging initiative

Grounded packaging emerged out of the growing concern of failed sustainable packaging processes and solutions. The scheme is based on Ellen Macarthur Foundation’s vision to a ‘Circular Economy’ where all packaging is 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable. 

Basically, the longer our materials and resources are in use, the more value is extracted from them.

Did you know 50% of plastic produced worldwide is used for packaging? 

The impact of plastics 

While plastic is extremely cheap, durable and versatile, plastic has cultivated a ‘take, make, dispose’ economic model that dominates global production. 

As well as causing significant damage to the environment, 100,000 animals a year are being killed by plastic. This is from entanglement, problems related to ingestion of plastic waste, or exposure to chemicals within plastics. 

If we don’t take action, these figures are only going to continue to expand. 

The facts

  • 8 million tons of plastic are found in our oceans every year 
  • 40% of plastic ends up in landfills 
  • Only 14% of plastic used globally is recycled 
  • Every year plastic production represents the same amount of oil usage as the entire aviation sector 

What are we doing?

Sustainable packing means us making a choice that will positively affect our environmental footprint. Our packaging will be composed of raw materials that can be repurposed or reused at the end of life. 

Our goals: 

  1. Reduce waste to landfill
  2. Fulfil an ethical and moral imperative to look after our fast-changing world 
  3. Reduce materials and remove unnecessary components in our packaging system 

How does it work? 

To achieve a fully functioning circular economy, composting and recycling must work together.

Composting refers to the organic process of biodegradation of materials or products. 

Composting is primarily valuable for areas that present problems for traditional recycling schemes or hard to recycle materials. 

The benefits

  • Mitigates the effects of climate change 
  • Allows the majority of household waste to be diverted from methane generating landfill 
  • Removes carbon from the air when used on land

At White Rose Recycled Fashion, we are completely committed to making a difference. We are always looking for ways to sustain the planet’s resources and as a company, be as green as possible. 

We are now distributing sustainable packaging to your homes. 

Our recyclable/compostable alternative will ensure, as a recycled fashion brand, we are aligned with our true core values. 

What can you do to help?

  1. Reduce your own personal plastic waste consumption.
  2. Reuse rather than dispose.
  3. Refuse plastic straws and unnecessary plastic. 
  4. Remove packaged produce from your home; buy loose fruit and veg instead.
  5. Recycle always.
  6. Rally up friends and family and get involved with an environmental clean-up.

Here’s to making more considerate choices with White Rose Recycled Fashion!

To volunteer, donate clothes or just get in touch with the White Rose team, call 01159 472 472 or email!

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